Jesus Camp: Horror Film [Soapbox]

**This is not what I plan on using this blog for every day or for every post, but once in a while I may use it to express my opinions about religion. I will label all these posts [Soapbox] to give fair warning.**

I just saw Jesus Camp. I know I'm jumping on this bus pretty late, but that was my personal nightmare. Many of the beliefs possessed by the stars of the documentary bothered me - mostly however out of disagreement.

Stances like a rejection of evolution, pr0-life soap-boxing, and the belief that America should be Christian bother me, but do not worry me. I simply think they are wrong, and I am fine disagreeing with them. My being "wrong" may bother them, but that is also their issue. What scares me to death is the way this community uses indoctrination instead of though, especially among the young.

As a humanist, and a scholar, I value nothing higher than the human intellect. It doesn't have to be logic, it doesn't have to be expressed rationally, but our ability to think and to listen is our highest power. It is an atrocity to me when people decide to turn this off. Whether it be their choice, as it seems with some of the adults in the film, or chosen for them.

I was especially discouraged by the scene where one of the young stars, Levi, is talking to his mother during his home schooling. His mom asks why global warming isnt a big deal, and he immediately spouts off the statistic that the average temperature has only risen 0.6 degrees. This is not thought, this is not a reply - its just a knee jerk trained reaction, with little more complexity than training a dog.

This disheartens me so much, but it also makes me hopeful that we have moved away from this over the past several years.

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